Safeguard Your Little Explorer with Baby-Proof Corner Protectors – Ideal for Desktops and Furniture


The Corner Protectors by EdgeCushion have proven to be an invaluable addition to our home. Crafted from safe and eco-friendly materials, these protectors provide a reliable defense against sharp corners on all types of furniture.

The high-quality adhesive ensures a secure and firm attachment, offering peace of mind that our curious crawler is protected from potential collisions.

The ease of installation, along with the thoughtful design and safety features, makes these Corner Protectors a thoughtful and practical gift for parents and grandparents alike.

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The Corner Protectors by EdgeCushion are an essential safety measure for parents of curious babies and toddlers.

Designed to fit all types of desktop sharp corners and furniture materials, these protectors offer a thickened crash-proof cushion (0.45 inch thickness) to safeguard kids from potential collisions. The easy installation, using the provided 3M double-sided adhesive, makes them suitable for application on any piece of furniture.

Whether it’s the sharp corners of a coffee table, desk, or other furniture items, these protectors provide a soft and safe barrier against injuries caused by impact. Ensure a secure and protected environment for your little one at home.

🧸 Child-Proof Your Home: EdgeCushion’s Corner Protectors are a must-have to child-proof your home. The thickened crash-proof cotton, with a thickness of 0.45 inches, acts as a reliable barrier, protecting your little ones from potential collisions with sharp corners.

🌈 Safe and Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted from safe and eco-friendly materials (NBR) that have passed SGS testing, these corner guards are perfect for all types of desktop sharp corners. They are smooth, durable, and offer a softer touch, ensuring the safety of your child.

🛠️ Firm and Residue-Free Adhesion: The high-quality adhesive ensures a firm and reliable attachment to furniture corners. When it’s time to remove them, a hot towel or hairdryer easily releases the protectors without leaving any sticky residue, preserving the integrity of your furniture.

🚼 Easy Installation: The product comes with 3M double-sided adhesive, making it incredibly easy to install the corner protectors on any piece of furniture. No complicated processes—just a simple and effective solution for child safety.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift for Parents: Corner Protectors make for a thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents. They serve as a practical solution to protect the little explorers in the family, showing care and consideration for the safety of their homes.

🏡 Versatile Protection: These protectors aren’t limited to a specific type of furniture—they fit all types of materials and desktop sharp corners. From coffee tables to desks, ensure comprehensive safety throughout your home.

🌟 Thickened Crash-Proof Cushion: The 0.45-inch thickness of the crash-proof cotton provides a substantial protective barrier, offering peace of mind to parents as their children explore and play.

🌿 Environmentally Conscious: EdgeCushion’s commitment to eco-friendly materials ensures that these corner protectors not only prioritize safety but also contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for families.

Feature Specification
Material Safe and eco-friendly (NBR)
Adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive
Thickness 0.45 inches
Residue-Free Removal Yes, with hot towel or hairdryer
Versatility Fits all types of furniture and desktop sharp corners
Safety Standards SGS-tested, safe for children
Giftability Ideal gift for parents and grandparents


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