Drool Bibs For Girls Pacifier Clips

Child Bandana Drool Bibs by Dodo Infants For Girls + 2 Pacifier Clips + Pacifier Case in a Reward Bag, Pack of 4 Premium High quality, Wonderful Child Bathe, Registry Reward

  • These child Bandana Bibs reward set Trendy designs Cute for ladies with its fashionable design , it should enable you to maintain your child’s garments dry and clear from drooling or burps.
  • Entrance 100% Natural gentle Cotton, Again with 100% Polyester snug Fleece will feel and look nice whereas retaining your child’s gentle pores and skin protected and dry from teething, dribble and spit ups.
  • The adjustable Sanp function will permit the burp bibs to regulate to your rising child (3 – 24 months) and keep away from scratching your child’s pores and skin when opening and shutting it as Velcro bibs do.
  • This Superior reward set will include Free Pacifier Holder AND 2 Stunning designs Pacifier Clips all inside a stunning reusable reward bag which might be a Distinctive Child Bathe or Registry reward


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