Baby Blocks Set: 16 PCS of Soft Building Blocks and Sensory Balls for Early Learning and Play


Perfect for infants and toddlers, these soft, chewable blocks feature embossed animals, shapes, fruits, Arabic numerals, and geometrical patterns in vibrant colors.

The sensory balls, with varied textures, enhance tactile exploration and visual stimulation.

This set is not only a stackable and squeezable toy but also a versatile bath toy that floats and sprays water, adding a splash of excitement to your baby’s bath time.

One remarkable feature of the Nueplay Baby Blocks is their versatility. Crafted from food-grade silicone, these BPA-free blocks ensure safety and non-toxic play.

The soft edges and surfaces make them easy to pick up and stack, promoting sensory, motor, cognitive, and social skill development.

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What’s more, these blocks can be squeezed to produce a playful squeak sound, adding an extra layer of interactive fun to your baby’s playtime.

Early Learning Delight: Introduce your little one to the wonders of early learning with the Nueplay Baby Blocks Set. Featuring 12 soft building blocks and 4 sensory balls, each adorned with vibrant colors and engaging patterns, this set is designed to spark your baby’s imagination. 🌈

Sensory Stimulation: Elevate sensory development with the Nueplay Baby Blocks’ sensory balls. Offering different textures for tactile exploration, these vividly colored balls provide ideal visual stimulation, enhancing your baby’s sensory skills and fostering a world of discovery. 🧠

Perfectly Safe Play: Crafted from food-grade silicone, these blocks are BPA-free, safe, and non-toxic. The smooth edges and soft surfaces ensure a secure playtime experience, making them the ideal choice for teething infants. 🚼

Bath-Time Fun: Transform bath time into a playful adventure with the Nueplay Baby Blocks. These soft blocks can float on water and be squeezed to spray water, adding a delightful twist to your baby’s bathing routine. πŸ›

Interactive Squeaky Play: The soft blocks aren’t just for stacking; they are interactive too. Squeeze them to produce a squeaky sound, providing auditory stimulation for your little one and turning playtime into an engaging experience. 🎢

Versatile Learning: Beyond stacking, these blocks serve as a versatile learning tool. Use them for matching games, stimulating and developing sensory, motor, cognitive, and social skills in a fun and interactive way. πŸŽ“

Safe and Soft Material: Rest easy knowing your baby is playing with blocks made from food-grade silicone. No deformation, no fadingβ€”just safe, soft, and squeaky fun. Ideal for little hands to grasp and explore. 🀲

Perfect Gift for Early Development: Looking for the ideal gift for a 6+ month old? The Nueplay Baby Blocks Set is the perfect choice. Thoughtfully designed for early learning, it ensures hours of safe and enjoyable play for your little one. 🎁

Q: Can these blocks be used as teething toys? A: Yes, the Nueplay Baby Blocks are made from food-grade silicone and are perfect for teething infants, offering a safe and soothing experience.

Q: Are the sensory balls suitable for visual stimulation? A: Absolutely! The sensory balls included in the set have vibrant colors that are ideal for visual stimulation, sparking your baby’s curiosity and imagination.


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