Multi-Function Electric Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer with LCD Display


Multi-Function Electric Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer is a versatile essential for parents, offering convenience and peace of mind when it comes to feeding your baby. This smart and portable device can be used for warming milk, quickly heating baby food, constant water bath heating, and even sterilizing bottles and nipples using high-temperature steam.

The LCD real-time display ensures you have full control, and it’s perfect for breast milk or formula. With the ability to meet all your needs in one device, it’s a space-saving, cost-effective solution that safeguards your baby’s health with BPA-free, high-temperature resistant materials.

🍼 All-in-One Convenience: This Multi-Function Electric Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer is designed to handle multiple tasks in one unit. Whether you need to warm milk, heat baby food, maintain a constant water bath, or sterilize bottles and nipples, this device has you covered.

🚀 Fast and Efficient: Thanks to its high-temperature steam functionality, this bottle warmer and sterilizer can quickly heat up your baby’s meals or sterilize their bottles and nipples in just a few minutes, saving you precious time when your little one is hungry.

💡 LCD Real-Time Display: The smart LCD display provides real-time information about the warming or sterilizing process, making it easy for parents to monitor and adjust settings as needed.

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💗 Perfect for Breast Milk and Formula: Whether you’re breastfeeding or using formula, this device is compatible with both, ensuring that your baby’s meals are ready at the perfect temperature every time.

🌟 Space-Saving Solution: With this multi-function device, you won’t need multiple appliances taking up counter space. It’s an efficient way to save both space and money.

🌡️ Safe and Reliable Materials: The use of BPA-free and high-temperature resistant materials ensures that your baby’s health is a top priority, while also keeping the entire family in mind.

🧽 Easy to Clean and Maintain: Cleaning this device is a breeze. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes, and for long-term maintenance, descaling with vinegar or citric acid is recommended after extended use.

Feature Description
Functions Warming milk, quick heating, constant water bath heating, baby food heating, sterilization
LCD Display Real-time display for monitoring and adjusting settings
Compatibility Suitable for breast milk, formula, and baby food
Space-Saving Design A multi-purpose device that saves space and money
Material Made with BPA-free and high-temperature resistant materials
Cleaning and Maintenance Easy to clean with a damp cloth; descale as needed

SMART LCD DISPLAY&TEMPERATUER SETTINGS: The intuitive LCD show reveals real-time water temperature on its display,straightforward to function and set feeding preparation time exactly.Our bottle heaters might preserve milk heat in good temperature,make sure you feed infants at any second!

DOUBLE BOTTLE DESIGN &LIFTER: The bottle lifter particularly designed to choose up two bottles collectively and keep away from burning palms.Massive capability permits two bottle to heat milk and warmth water on the similar time.The bottle hotter for child suits for many bottles available on the market, together with breast milk baggage.


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