Baby Breastfeeding Milk Collector

Eliminate milk spills with the milk-saver. The Air vent design allows for ventilation of nipples, it is also convenient for transferring milk to bottles. It fits any bra size without affecting appearance, easy to clean and portable.


Made with the best high quality supplies to the best high quality requirements it’s best to count on; every shell contains meals grade silicone again and BPA free PP shell.
Breast milk collector storage. In contrast with nursing pads, they show you how to gather valuable breast milk leaks and relieve the discomfort and stress of unexpressed milk.
Secure and odorless, straightforward to scrub, reusable. 

Sort: Breast Milk Collectors
Amount: 2pcs
Weight: 0.063kg

Bundle included:
1x pair

Silica Gel Assortment Cowl Child Breastfeeding Milk Collectors Smooth Postpartum Nipple Suction Container Reusable Nursing Pad


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