Baby Breastfeeding Milk Collector

These silicone covers serve as an alternative to traditional nursing pads. They not only prevent leaks but also actively collect breast milk, ensuring that you can save every drop for your baby.

Postpartum Convenience: In the postpartum period, when milk supply can be abundant, these covers help mothers manage their milk flow more effectively. They can be especially beneficial for relieving engorgement and preventing leakage.

Silent and Discreet: Unlike breast pumps that can be noisy, these covers operate silently. This discretion is valuable, whether you’re using them in public or at home, allowing you to maintain privacy.

Eliminate milk spills with the milk-saver. The Air vent design allows for ventilation of nipples, it is also convenient for transferring milk to bottles. It fits any bra size without affecting appearance, easy to clean and portable.

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These silicone covers are designed to help breastfeeding mothers collect breast milk effortlessly. They create a gentle suction that collects milk from the breast, ensuring that no precious breast milk goes to waste.

Soft and Comfortable: The covers are made of soft and flexible silicone that is gentle on the skin. They provide a comfortable and snug fit, ensuring that you can wear them discreetly and painlessly throughout the day.

Reusable: These covers are reusable, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for breastfeeding mothers. You can use them multiple times without the need for disposable breast pads or collectors.

Made with the best high quality supplies to the best high quality requirements it’s best to count on; every shell contains meals grade silicone again and BPA free PP shell.
Breast milk collector storage. In contrast with nursing pads, they show you how to gather valuable breast milk leaks and relieve the discomfort and stress of unexpressed milk.
Secure and odorless, straightforward to scrub, reusable. 

Sort: Breast Milk Collectors
Amount: 2pcs
Weight: 0.063kg

Bundle included:
1x pair


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