Smile My Baby Baby Feeding Set – Wooden Spoon, Silicone Bib, and Suction Bowl for Safe and Mess-Free Mealtime


The Wooden Silicone Tipped Spoon offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring a comfortable grip for your child, while the silicone tip prioritizes safety for delicate gums and teeth.

The Silicone Bib, designed for messy eaters, features a food catcher, making clean-up a breeze. The Suction Bowl with its smart suction technology sticks firmly to any surface, preventing spills and flips.

This complete and stylish set is perfect for both mother-led and self-feeding experiences, making it an ideal addition to any baby registry or a thoughtful gift for new parents.

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Dive into the Smile My Baby Feeding Set’s standout feature – the Suction Bowl. This soft bowl is not just about its no-mess self-feeding capabilities but also its ingenious suction technology.

The bowl sticks securely to any surface, preventing accidental spills and flips. What’s more, it comes with a smart removal tab for adults only, making cleanup a breeze.

Whether you’re dealing with purees or more solid foods, this Suction Bowl is a game-changer for stress-free and enjoyable mealtimes.

Safe and Stylish Spoon: The Wooden Silicone Tipped Spoon not only adds a touch of elegance to your baby’s mealtime but also ensures a secure grip for little hands. The silicone tip prioritizes safety, making it gentle on gums and teeth. Let your baby dine in style and safety!

Mess-Free Silicone Bib: Embrace messiness with the Smile My Baby Silicone Bib, designed to be a lifesaver for mothers. The food catcher feature minimizes mess, and the soft, stylish silicone is not only BPA-free but also washable, waterproof, and super easy to clean. The adjustable design ensures a mess-free experience while keeping your baby comfortable. Say goodbye to mealtime mess with a smile!

Complete and Stylish Set: The full set includes everything your toddler needs for the early stages of eating – a Bib, Bowl, and the Wooden Silicone Tipped Spoon. This matching set, designed for both mother-led and self-feeding experiences, is the perfect item for your baby registry search. It also makes an excellent gift for any new parent, adding a touch of style to their baby’s mealtime. Elevate mealtime with a coordinated and stylish set!

Safety First: The Smile My Baby Feeding Set prioritizes safety at every step. BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Lead-free, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, and Dishwasher Safe – this set ticks all the safety boxes. Ensure a safe and worry-free feeding experience for your little one!

No-Mess Suction Bowl: The star of the set, the Suction Bowl, brings innovation to mealtime. The soft bowl sticks securely to any surface, making it impossible for the baby to flip. The smart removal tab makes it easy for adults to remove once the meal is finished. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this bowl is a true game-changer for a mess-free and stress-free feeding experience. Enjoy mess-free self-feeding with ease!

Easy Cleanup: In the midst of parenting chaos, Smile My Baby brings you a feeding set that’s not only adorable but also easy to clean. The Silicone Bib, Wooden Silicone Tipped Spoon, and Suction Bowl are all dishwasher safe, saving you precious time. Spend more time making memories, less time on cleanup!

Perfect for Baby Showers: Smile My Baby Feeding Set in Blush is the ideal baby shower gift. The thoughtful design, safety features, and stylish appearance make it a standout present for any new parent, whether expecting a baby boy or girl. Gift smiles and practicality with this perfect baby shower set!

Versatile for Various Feeding Stages: Whether you’re leading the feeding journey or encouraging self-feeding, this set caters to both experiences. The Wooden Silicone Tipped Spoon provides the ideal balance of style and safety, while the Silicone Bib and Suction Bowl accommodate messy eaters and self-feeders alike. Adapt to your baby’s evolving needs with one versatile set!

Features/Specifications Details
Material BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Lead-free, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, Dishwasher Safe
Set Includes Wooden Silicone Tipped Spoon, Silicone Bib, Suction Bowl
Wooden Spoon Small wood spoon with silicone tip for a great grip and baby’s safety
Silicone Bib Waterproof, adjustable, mess-free design, BPA-free, and washable
Suction Bowl Soft bowl with suction technology, sticks securely, microwave/dishwasher safe
Safety Certifications Tested for safety and food contact by third-party laboratories against US and international standards


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