Baby Medicine Feeder Dispenser Infant Feeding

Decdeal Baby Medicine Feeder Dispenser Syringe Dropper Feeder Infant Feeding Utensils with Nipple Pacifier for Feeding Medicine Water Juice or Different (White)

  • Sturdiness, high-quality, non-toxic tender silicone materials, making it secure and cozy for child.
  • Simulated tender silicone nipple head design, tender and versatile, coform to the newborn’s breast-feeding habits in order that the newborn feels milk-drinking, remedy is irresistible.
  • The bottle physique is calibrated, the dosage is managed at any time, the bottle physique is clear, and the newborn’s remedy is extra correct.
  • Extrusion propulsion of needle-like tube, alter the outlet pace in keeping with the newborn’s wants.
  • Full demolition with out useless angle cleansing.


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