Moccasin Crib Shoes for 12-18 Month Old Boys and Girls


These crib shoes are designed with convenience in mind. The easy on-and-off feature means you can quickly slip them onto your baby’s feet without any hassle. This is especially helpful for busy parents and squirmy little ones.

Comfortable Fit: The elastic feature that keeps the moccasins securely on your baby’s feet is cleverly hidden while being worn. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your baby, allowing them to move around freely without shoes constantly slipping off.

Ideal for Babies: The 12-18 month age range is a critical time when babies start to explore and become more mobile. These moccasin crib shoes are perfect for this stage, providing a soft and snug fit that won’t hinder their natural movements.

Soft and Gentle: The materials used for these crib shoes are soft and gentle on your baby’s delicate feet. They won’t cause any discomfort or irritation, making them suitable for all-day wear.

The material for child sneakers underwent formal testing by the group before production.

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Versatile Style: Moccasin-style shoes are known for their timeless and versatile design. They can easily complement various outfits, whether your baby is dressed up for a special occasion or simply having playtime at home.

Durable Construction: While designed for comfort, these crib shoes are also built to last. They can withstand the crawling, standing, and cruising that babies do as they grow and develop.

Age-Appropriate Sizing: These shoes are specifically sized for babies aged 12-18 months. This means you can trust that they are the right fit for your little one’s feet at this important stage of development.


– This child boy sneakers are Delicate, breathable and comfy. Light-weight and versatile to assist pure foot motion. Higher materials could be very comfortable and breathable, appropriate for all seasons.


– EASY ON, EASY OFF, This Child Boy Costume sneakers straightforward to slide on and off. the elastic that retains the moccasin on is nicely hidden whereas being worn

  • CUTE:

– This traditional Toddler sneaker by no means goes out of favor. Good for child bathe,household gatherings and even simply lounging round the home!


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