Breast Shell Milk Catcher for Breastfeeding

Cmbear Breast Shell Milk Catcher for Breastfeeding Reduction Defend Cracked, Sore, Engorged Nipples Acquire Breast Milk collector shell 2pcs

  • BREAST SHIELD FOR SORE OR CRACKED NIPPLES – The breast shells are designed to be positioned in your bra
  • SOFT AND SAFE SILICONE MATERIAL(BPA-free) – Made from 100% food-grade materials, making certain the breastmilk high quality
  • UNIQUE DESIGN OF AIR VENT – The design of Air vent permits for airflow so the nipples can heal and be ventilated
  • OTHER FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT – Matches any sizes of bra with out influencing the looks & simple to scrub and sterilize & Moveable
  • In contrast with soothies gel pads, these nursing shells defend nipples from friction and assist with relieving engorgement and stress of unexpressed milk.


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