Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set – A Colorful Oasis for Active Kids’ Development


Designed for toddlers and preschoolers, this set unleashes their energetic nature, fostering friendship and creating joyful memories.

The dense foam construction ensures safety, with no hard structures or sharp corners. Cleaning is a breeze, making it a time-saving and energy-efficient choice for parents.

Lightweight, stackable, and suitable for various spaces, this play set is the perfect addition to kindergartens, homes, malls, supermarkets, and restaurants—providing a safe, interactive, and vibrant play environment for kids.

Experience the pinnacle of quality and safety with the Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set. The inner part, crafted from environmentally friendly pearl cotton, is encased in a soft PU leather outer surface.

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This ASTM-certified toy set is non-toxic, tasteless, and resistant to deformation, ensuring prolonged and worry-free use.

Let your child engage in explorative play with the confidence that they are surrounded by premium materials that prioritize safety and durability.

Happy Time & Easy Cleaning Delight: 🌈 The Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set promises a haven for children to release their energy and create joyful memories. Its strong resistance to dirt makes cleaning a breeze, saving parents valuable time and energy, while kids revel in an active playtime.

Safe Active Play Wonderland: 🔒 With a dense foam structure, this play set guarantees a safe haven for kids. Free from hard structures and sharp corners, it provides a soft cushion for playtime activities, ensuring safety during climbing, sliding, walking, and frolicking.

Wide Scope of Application Ease: 🏠 Lightweight and stackable, the toy set is perfect for various spaces, including kindergartens, homes, shopping malls, supermarkets, and restaurants. Its versatility allows children to enjoy themselves, providing parents with the relaxation they deserve.

Growth-Inducing Playground: 🚀 The fun foam play set comprises five differently shaped blocks, encouraging children to freely combine and stimulate their imagination and creativity. As they play, kids develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills, contributing to their overall growth and development.

Q: What makes the Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set suitable for various spaces? A: The set is lightweight and stackable, making it easy to move and store. It’s perfect for kindergartens, homes, malls, supermarkets, and restaurants, providing a versatile play environment for kids.

Q: How does this play set contribute to a child’s growth? A: The set includes five differently shaped blocks that stimulate imagination and creativity. Children develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills, fostering holistic growth and development.

Feature Specification
Material Environmentally friendly pearl cotton, soft PU leather surface
Safety Certification ASTM Certified
Cleaning Easy to clean
Application Kindergartens, homes, malls, supermarkets, restaurants
Growth Benefits Stimulates imagination, fosters creativity, develops coordination and motor skills


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