Cunina Transparent Table Edge Guard – Ultimate Protection for Babies and Adults, 20ft Bumper Strip with Bonus Corner Guards


Transparent Table Edge Guard has been a game-changer in our home. Unlike foam protectors, this clear edge guard not only ensures the safety of our little one but also preserves the beauty of our furniture.

The Glass glue provided is a game-changer, allowing easy peel-off without any residue or damage to the table. The soft and safe PVC material adds an extra layer of protection, making it an eco-friendly and reusable choice for our child’s well-being.

The easy installation process and long-lasting adhesion make this product a smart investment in ensuring a safe environment for our family.

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Transparent Table Edge Guard is the perfect solution for safeguarding your child from sharp edges and corners. Its transparent design seamlessly blends with the furniture, offering discreet protection without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The Glass glue ensures a secure and damage-free attachment, making it a long-lasting safety measure for years to come.

Whether you have a curious toddler exploring the house or want to prevent accidents for adults, this product provides a versatile and effective solution. Install it on tables, cabinets, or any furniture with sharp edges to create a safe and worry-free environment for your loved ones.

🌟 Durable Protection: Say goodbye to foam edge protectors! The Cunina Transparent Table Edge Guard provides more durable and long-lasting protection for both babies and adults. It not only shields your little one from sharp edges but also preserves the beauty of your furniture for years.

🚫 No Damage Glue: The Glass glue offered with this edge guard ensures easy peel-off without leaving any residue or causing damage to your table. The adhesive works seamlessly with the baby safety bumper strips, creating a firm and secure attachment.

🌈 Soft & Safe Material: Crafted from safe PVC material, this edge guard is non-toxic and odor-free. The soft and safe material ensures the health and safety of your child while being environmentally friendly and reusable.

🛠️ Simple Installation Steps: Installing the Cunina Transparent Table Edge Guard is a breeze. Cut it to the desired length, apply the double-sided tape along the furniture’s horizontal and vertical edges, and press the edging in place. A simple process with significant safety benefits.

🏡 Preserve Aesthetics: Unlike traditional foam protectors, this transparent guard seamlessly integrates with your furniture, preserving its aesthetic appeal. Enjoy safety without compromising on the visual charm of your home.

🌟 Ultimate Baby Protection: Protect your little one from painful collisions with sharp corners. The Cunina Transparent Edge Guard ensures that your child can walk, run, and play freely at home without the risk of injury from hitting furniture edges.

👶 Versatile for All Ages: It’s not just for babies. Adults can also benefit from this product. Whether you’re repairing something or simply moving around, prevent accidents by installing this edge guard on any unconscious corners in your home.

🎁 Smart Investment for Safety: Investing in the Cunina Transparent Table Edge Guard is a smart decision for the safety and well-being of your family. Its durable construction, easy installation, and versatile protection make it a valuable addition to any home.

Feature Specification
Material Safe PVC material
Adhesive Glass glue
Length 20ft (6m)
Bonus 4 Pack Baby Proofing Corner Guards
Installation Easy, with provided double-sided tape
Transparency Clear, blends with furniture seamlessly
Eco-Friendly Yes, reusable and environmentally conscious


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