Super Safe Baby Proofing Guards – Transparent Edge Corner Protector 20ft(6m) for Cabinets, Tables, Furniture – Clear Soft Silicone with Pre-Taped Adhesive


The super-safe PVC material not only keeps my little one away from sharp edges but also ensures a worry-free environment. The transparent design maintains the aesthetics of our furniture, and the pre-taped adhesive makes installation a breeze. A must-have for every parent!

This Baby Proofing Guards set is a game-changer for every home with little ones. The transparent and soft PVC material, designed by professionals, offers robust toughness while seamlessly blending into the original look of furniture.

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With an upgraded pre-taped adhesive, installation is quick and hassle-free. Perfect for cabinets, tables, and furniture, this set ensures your child’s safety without compromising on style.

Top-Notch Safety Material: Ensure your child’s safety with our Baby Proofing Guards, crafted from non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly food-grade PVC material. Tested under strict US regulations, these guards contain no phthalates, BPA, chemicals, or toxic fire retardants (SCCPs). Protect your baby, children, or seniors from accidents caused by sharp edges with confidence.

Transparent and Soft Design: The round edge protectors are expertly designed with an anti-tear layer, providing sturdy toughness and full protection for table corners. The transparent PVC material maintains the original look of furniture in various colors while being resistant to deformation and tearing. Rest easy, knowing your child won’t easily chew or deform the protectors.

Wide Application for Versatile Protection: This baby proofing corner set ensures full protection for the side and corners of tables, reducing the risk of electrical shock accidents. Suitable for use on desks, tables, walls, and any unfriendly places, it is compatible with various surfaces such as wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tiles, marble, metal, and cement.

Upgraded Pre-Taped Adhesive: Save time on installation with our upgraded pre-taped adhesive 20ft bumper strip. The strong adhesive is applied in advance, simplifying the installation process. After cleaning the corners of the table, peel off the double-sided tape, attach the corner protector inside the bumper corner, and firmly press it onto the table corner. Easy, efficient, and secure.

Easy Installation for Busy Parents: The pre-taped adhesive eliminates the need for complex installations, making it convenient for busy parents. Spend less time on setup and more time enjoying a safe environment for your little one. The straightforward process ensures a snug fit for long-lasting protection.

Stylishly Transparent Protection: Embrace safety without compromising on aesthetics. The clear and soft silicone material not only offers powerful protection but also blends seamlessly with any furniture. Say goodbye to bulky and unsightly childproofing solutions and hello to a stylish and safe living space.

Full Coverage for Every Corner: With 20ft(6m) of clear soft silicone bumper strip and 8 round child safety edge protectors, this set provides full coverage for cabinets, tables, and furniture. Every corner becomes a secure space, ensuring your child’s safety from every angle.

Versatile Usage for Any Setting: From the nursery to the living room, this baby proofing set adapts to any setting. Its wide application and compatibility with various surfaces make it a versatile solution for all your childproofing needs. Create a safe haven for your little one without compromising on the aesthetics of your home.

Feature Description
Material Non-toxic, odorless, food-grade PVC
Length 20ft (6m) Bumper Strip
Quantity 8 Round Child Safety Edge Protectors
Adhesive Upgraded Pre-Taped Strong Adhesive
Compatibility Cabinets, tables, furniture, various surfaces
Design Transparent, soft silicone
Installation Quick and easy with pre-taped adhesive


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