Magnetic Cabinet Locks: Invisible Safety for Your Home


Invisible Protection: KidLock Magnetic Cabinet Locks provide a discreet yet highly effective way to childproof your home. With these locks, the safety features are completely concealed inside your cabinets, keeping the exterior looking neat and tidy. Your guests won’t even notice them, but they’ll provide essential protection for your curious little ones.

Invest in the safety of your children with KidLock Magnetic Cabinet Locks. Their invisible design keeps your home looking tidy while providing essential childproofing. With 12 locks included, you can secure multiple cabinets and drawers with ease. The easy installation process ensures that you can childproof your home quickly, no matter your DIY skills.

The magnetic technology offers both security and convenience, allowing for smooth adult access when needed. Enjoy peace of mind as you go about your daily routines, knowing that your little ones are safe from potential hazards. KidLock Magnetic Cabinet Locks are a versatile and effective safety solution for any home.

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12-Pack for Full Coverage: This set includes 12 locks, ensuring that you can secure multiple cabinets and drawers throughout your home. Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, or any other potentially hazardous areas, these locks offer comprehensive childproofing coverage.

Easy Installation: Installing these locks is a breeze, even for those who aren’t DIY experts. KidLock provides straightforward installation instructions, making it convenient for parents and caregivers to childproof their home quickly and effectively. No need to hire professionals or struggle with complex tools.

Magnetic Security: The use of magnetic technology ensures that these locks are not only secure but also convenient for adults to operate. With the included magnetic key, you can easily unlock the cabinets when needed, allowing for smooth and hassle-free access.

Peace of Mind: KidLock Magnetic Cabinet Locks offer peace of mind to parents and caregivers. You can go about your daily routines with confidence, knowing that your cabinets and drawers are securely locked, keeping dangerous items out of reach for your little explorers.

Versatile Use: These locks are suitable for a variety of cabinets and drawers in your home, making them a versatile safety solution. Whether you need to protect your cleaning supplies, utensils, or other potentially harmful items, these locks have you covered.

EASY INSTALLATION: 1-2-3 set up course of with clear guide directions together with clear reduce photos and directions. NO TOOLS REQUIRED, simply peel the adhesive tape and stick on. Particular set up cradle included, to make sure correct set up.

12 LOCKS+2 KEYS: This package consists of 12 locks and 2 keys with a key holder that can assist you maintain the keys in place and useful, and to maintain your youngsters and cupboards secure and safe. EXTRA STRONG MAGNETS- works for most cupboards.

ON AND OFF SWITCH: Conveniently flip the change to on/off mode as you need. When child is round, flip lock on; when child is out of sight, flip lock off to unlock cupboard and drawers with out requiring the usage of key.


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