Kohny’s Stuff Toddler Utensils Set – Anti-Choke Training Fork and Spoon for Safe Independent Feeding


These specially designed utensils feature an anti-gag design, preventing accidental choking or gagging while your child enjoys their dinner or snacks at the table.

The ergonomic handles make it easy for tiny hands to grasp, fostering independent feeding and motor skills development.

Experience worry-free mealtime with Kohny’s Stuff Toddler Utensils Set, featuring an innovative anti-choke design.

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Engineered to prevent unintentional choking or gagging, these utensils prioritize your child’s safety. Crafted with BPA-free materials, these spoons are not only safe but also promote independent feeding.

The ergonomic handles are designed for little hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip, making mealtime a breeze for both parents and toddlers.

Safety First: The standout feature of Kohny’s Stuff Toddler Utensils Set is the anti-choke design, providing parents with peace of mind during mealtime. Say goodbye to worries about accidental choking or gagging, making it a must-have for every parent concerned about their child’s safety.

Non-Toxic Assurance: Kohny’s Stuff prioritizes the health of your child. The Toddler Utensils Set is crafted from BPA-free materials, ensuring that only the safest materials come into contact with your little one’s food. Choose a non-toxic option that prioritizes your child’s well-being.

Easy Cleaning: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with hand wash and top-rack dishwasher-safe utensils. The convenience of easy cleaning allows parents to spend more quality time with their little ones instead of worrying about tedious cleanup.

Ergonomic Handle: The toddler-friendly design includes short handles tailored for little hands. The ergonomic handle ensures easy grasping and usage, promoting independent feeding. Make mealtime a positive experience for your child as they learn to feed themselves with confidence.

Independent Feeding: Encourage your little ones to take charge of their meals with Kohny’s Stuff Toddler Utensils Set. Ideal for independent feeding, these spoons empower toddlers to explore and develop motor skills while enjoying their favorite meals.

Motor Skills Development: Beyond safety, these utensils contribute to the development of essential motor skills. The design promotes coordination and dexterity, fostering a sense of independence as your child learns to navigate mealtime on their own.

Practical Training Utensils: Kohny’s Stuff Toddler Utensils Set is the practical choice for parents in the training phase of independent feeding. The utensils facilitate a smooth transition for little ones, making mealtime a positive and educational experience.

Child-Focused Design: With a focus on child-friendly features, including an anti-gag design and ergonomic handles, this utensil set is tailored for the unique needs of toddlers. The fun and vibrant blue color adds a touch of excitement to mealtime, making it a favorite for both parents and children.

Features/Specifications Details
Safety Features Anti-gag design, BPA-free materials
Cleaning Hand wash and top-rack dishwasher safe
Design Ergonomic handles for little hands
Feeding Style Ideal for independent feeding
Motor Skills Development Promotes coordination and dexterity
Practicality Perfect for training phase of independent feeding
Child-Focused Design Tailored for toddlers, fun blue color


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