Pumping Experience with the Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0 Double Electrical Breast Pump


Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0 Double Electrical Breast Pump, a game-changer in the world of breastfeeding for moms in the U.S. and Canada. This smart breast pump is Bluetooth-compatible and seamlessly syncs with the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app, allowing you to monitor your pumping sessions and more, effortlessly. Whether you’re at work or on the go, the convenience of hands-free pumping with any breast pump bra makes it a must-have for mothers. The breast pump kit includes a dedicated bag and accessories, ensuring it can travel wherever you do. Experience the future of pumping with the Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0, designed to make your breastfeeding journey more convenient and hassle-free.

🍼 Smart Pumping Technology: The Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0 is not just any breast pump; it’s smart! With Bluetooth compatibility, it syncs with the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app, making it easier than ever to keep track of your pumping sessions and monitor your breastfeeding journey.

🙌 Hands-Free Convenience: Mothers are often multitasking, and this breast pump caters to their needs. It can be used hands-free with any breast pump bra, allowing moms to pump at work, on the go, or while attending to other tasks.

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🌟 Comprehensive Kit: The breast pump kit includes a dedicated bag and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need for pumping, all in one package. No need to worry about missing parts; it’s all included.

🌐 Global Connectivity: While the app is currently available for download in the U.S. and Canada, it provides a global solution to streamline your breastfeeding journey with technology. Stay connected and informed about your pumping progress.

💼 Portability at Its Best: This breast pump is designed with busy moms in mind. It’s portable and easy to carry, ensuring that it can accompany you wherever you go, whether it’s to work, on trips, or simply moving around the house.

📱 Effortless Monitoring: The Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app allows you to track your pumping sessions, milk supply, and more, all from the convenience of your smartphone. It’s a user-friendly way to stay on top of your breastfeeding goals.

💡 Optimize Your Routine: With the data and insights provided by the app, you can optimize your pumping routine for better results. It’s like having a personal breastfeeding coach at your fingertips.

💪 Quality You Can Trust: Lansinoh is a trusted brand in the world of breastfeeding. The SmartPump 2.0 upholds the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability, ensuring a seamless pumping experience.

🌍 Breastfeeding Support: With the Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0, you’re not alone on your breastfeeding journey. It’s a tool that provides valuable support, helping you make the most of your breastfeeding experience.

Features Details
Bluetooth-Compatible Syncs with the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app
Hands-Free Pumping Compatible with breast pump bras for hands-free use
Comprehensive Kit Includes a dedicated bag and essential accessories
Global Connectivity App available for download in the U.S. and Canada
Portability Designed for on-the-go moms, it’s easy to carry
Effortless Monitoring Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app allows for easy tracking and insights
Routine Optimization Insights help you optimize your pumping routine
Trusted Brand Lansinoh’s reputation for quality and reliability
Breastfeeding Support A tool that provides valuable support

Customizable settings: With 3 pumping types and eight suction ranges, mothers expertise efficient and environment friendly periods utilizing this double breast pump. Remembers your settings to simplify your routine.

  • Snug pumping: Extremely quiet breastpump. The consolation match flanges on this breastmilk pump create a great suction and seal towards mother’s pores and skin.


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