Medela Contact Nipple Shields – 24mm Medium

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Medela Contact Nipple Shields are your breastfeeding lifeline, designed to make nursing as convenient as possible in special situations. These nipple shields are crafted with care to address specific breastfeeding challenges, including latching difficulties, flat nipples, overactive letdowns, and inverted nipples. They provide a solution for mothers determined to continue breastfeeding while ensuring comfort and ease for both mom and baby.

🏠 At Home: Use it during your everyday nursing sessions to overcome latching issues and ensure a comfortable breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.

🏥 Hospital: If you’re dealing with challenging breastfeeding conditions right after delivery, these nipple shields can be a valuable tool to help initiate breastfeeding successfully.

🧳 On the Go: Keep a set in your diaper bag for those times when you need to nurse in less familiar or more challenging environments.

👶 NICU or Special Care: If your baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or requires special care, these shields can be a vital aid for breastfeeding.


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🤱 Continued Breastfeeding Support: Designed to help you continue breastfeeding for as long as you choose, even in challenging circumstances.

🤝 Latch Difficulties: The shield’s unique design assists babies in latching onto the breast more effectively, reducing frustration for both mom and baby.

🩺 Hospital-Grade Quality: Medela is a trusted brand in hospitals worldwide, and these shields maintain the highest quality standards.

🍼 Comfortable and Safe: Made without BPA, these shields are gentle on both mom and baby.

📏 24mm Medium Size: The 24mm size is a versatile choice suitable for many mothers, providing a comfortable fit.

💧 Easy to Clean: These shields are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene during your breastfeeding journey.

🌟 Inverted Nipples: A valuable solution for moms with inverted nipples, helping them breastfeed comfortably.

🥛 Overactive Letdown: Manage overactive letdown issues more easily with these shields, allowing your baby to feed at their own pace.

👶 Bonding and Comfort: Promote a stronger bond with your baby and reduce breastfeeding-related stress with these shields.

Don’t let breastfeeding challenges hinder your journey. Medela Contact Nipple Shields are your ally in continuing to breastfeed comfortably and confidently. Designed with care, they help mothers overcome common breastfeeding hurdles and ensure a nurturing and healthy breastfeeding experience. #BreastfeedingSupport #LatchAssistance #ComfortableNursing #MedelaBreastfeeding

UNIQUE SHAPE ALLOWS FOR MORE SKIN-TO-SKIN CONTACT: The progressive cut-out form of those nipple shields enable for maximized skin-to-skin contact between you and your infant, whereas selling the bonding expertise that breastfeeding gives

RANGE OF AVAILABLE SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM: Your order accommodates one 20mm nipple defend; Medela additionally provides contact nipple shields in 16mm and 24mm sizes, so you possibly can simply discover essentially the most snug nipple shields for you and your child

MADE WITHOUT BPA: Like all different Medela breast pump elements and equipment that come into contact with breast milk, our contact nipple shields are – and have all the time been – made with out BPA; our contact nipple shields are product of 100% ultra-thin, mushy silicone that’s protected for mother and child .


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