Melissa & Doug Wooden Doll Care Center – Realistic Baby Care Station with Kitchen, Bath, and Nursery Areas


This multi-functional baby care station offers a realistic bathing area, integrated kitchen, and nursery space.

Children aged 3 and up can engage in screen-free play, enjoying features such as a bathtub, changing mat, kitchen with fridge and sink, high chair, and nursery with a rocking cradle.

The thoughtful design of this toy provides endless opportunities for creative and nurturing play, making it an ideal addition to any playroom or bedroom.

One standout feature of the Melissa & Doug Doll Care Center is its integrated kitchen and nursery area.

The kitchen side boasts a refrigerator, sink, and high chair, allowing kids to engage in feeding and caring for their dolls. On the nursery side, a rocking cradle, clothes storage, and a reversible day/night scene card complete the imaginative play experience.

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This unique combination of features encourages children to explore various aspects of caregiving in a fun and interactive way.

Realistic Baby Care Experience: 🛁🍼 The Melissa & Doug Wooden Doll Care Center provides a realistic baby care experience for young caregivers. With a bathtub featuring a spray nozzle, a flip-down changing mat, and a washer with a clicking dial, children can engage in lifelike nurturing play. The inclusion of a mirror, wipes dispenser, and diaper disposal chute enhances the interactive experience.

Integrated Kitchen for Feeding Fun: 🍽️👶 On the kitchen side, this toy offers an integrated space for feeding activities. With a fridge, sink, and high chair, kids can explore the joy of mealtime and develop their caregiving skills. The thoughtful design allows for seamless transitions between different caregiving scenarios, providing a holistic play experience.

Nursery with Rocking Cradle: 🛏️👶 The nursery area of the Melissa & Doug Doll Care Center features a rocking cradle, clothes storage, and a shuttered window with a reversible day/night scene card. This allows children to create diverse scenarios, from daytime play to bedtime routines, fostering creativity and imaginative storytelling.

Great Gift for Imaginative Play: 🎁✨ This Baby Care Activity Center is an excellent gift for children aged 3 and up. Encourage their imagination and creativity with this beautifully designed toy that provides hours of screen-free play. The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Twins Luke & Lucy Dolls complement this set, offering additional play companions for endless adventures.

Quality Craftsmanship: 🌟🏠 Crafted by Melissa & Doug, a brand recognized for over 30 years for its beautifully designed, imagination-sparking products, this doll care center maintains the gold standard in childhood play. The high-quality craftsmanship ensures durability and long-lasting play value.

Multi-Functional Design: 🔄👶 The Melissa & Doug Doll Care Center is a wooden multi-functional playset that offers diverse caregiving experiences. Its thoughtful design allows children to seamlessly transition between bathing, feeding, and bedtime routines, enhancing their role-playing skills and nurturing instincts.

Screen-Free Learning: 🚫📱 Foster screen-free play and learning with this wooden baby care activity center. Melissa & Doug products are designed to ignite creativity and provide a break from digital screens. Let your child engage in imaginative play that promotes social and emotional development.

Stimulate Imagination and Creativity: 🌈👦👧 With its multi-functional features, the Melissa & Doug Doll Care Center stimulates imagination and creativity in children. From giving dolls a bath to putting them to sleep in the rocking cradle, kids can explore various caregiving scenarios, enhancing their empathy and social skills.

Q: Is the Melissa & Doug Doll Care Center suitable for younger children? A: Yes, this toy is designed for children aged 3 and up, providing a safe and engaging play experience.

Q: What makes this baby care center stand out? A: The integrated design, including a realistic bathing area, kitchen, and nursery, sets the Melissa & Doug Doll Care Center apart. It offers a holistic caregiving experience for imaginative play.

Q: Can other dolls be used with this care center? A: Absolutely! The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Twins Luke & Lucy Dolls are perfect companions for this baby care center, but children can use other dolls and stuffed animals to expand their play scenarios.

Features Specifications
Realistic Baby Care Experience Bathtub, changing mat, mirror, wipes dispenser, diaper disposal chute, washer with clicking dial
Integrated Kitchen Area Fridge, sink, high chair for feeding activities
Nursery with Rocking Cradle Rocking cradle, clothes storage, reversible day/night scene card
Great Gift for Ages 3 and Up Perfect for children aged 3 and up, promotes imaginative play
Quality Craftsmanship Crafted by Melissa & Doug, a trusted brand for over 30 years
Multi-Functional Design Wooden multi-functional playset for diverse caregiving scenarios
Screen-Free Learning Fosters screen-free play and learning, promoting social and emotional development


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