Nuby Little Squirts: 10-Pack of Bathtime Fun Characters for Splashing Adventures


Transform your baby’s bath into a playful aquatic adventure with Nuby Little Squirts! These soft rubber characters are designed to squirt water when gently squeezed, adding an extra layer of fun to bath time.

Perfectly sized for little hands, these brightly colored characters promote hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. Make every bath a delightful experience with Nuby Little Squirts—a must-have for water-filled laughter and learning.

One distinctive feature of Nuby Little Squirts is their ability to not only squirt water but also float in the bath. The fun characters, including an alligator, crab, shark, duck, fish, octopus, penguin, dolphin, starfish, and turtle, offer a multisensory experience.

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As your little one squeezes and plays with these adorable characters, they not only enhance their hand-eye coordination but also develop an early understanding of buoyancy and cause-and-effect relationships.

Splish-Splash Fun in Every Squeeze: 🛁 Elevate bath time with the Nuby Little Squirts! These delightful characters bring an extra splash of fun to the tub as they squirt water when squeezed. Make every bath a joyous experience for your little one.

Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination: 👀 Nuby Little Squirts aren’t just bath toys—they’re tools for development! Squeezing these characters promotes improved hand-eye coordination, providing an entertaining and educational bath time for infants aged 6 months and above.

Perfectly Sized for Tiny Hands: 🤲 The brightly colored characters are designed with little hands in mind. Their perfect size allows infants to easily hold, squeeze, and explore, making them an ideal addition to your baby’s bath time routine.

Multifunctional Bathtime Play: 🌊 Dive into hours of bathtime fun with the 10 assorted characters, including an alligator, crab, shark, duck, fish, octopus, penguin, dolphin, starfish, and turtle. Each character not only squirts water but also floats, providing endless entertainment.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: 🧼 After the bath time fun, it’s essential to allow the toys to fully air dry in a light, airy location before storage. This simple step ensures the prevention of harmless yet unsightly aquatic algaes, maintaining the longevity and cleanliness of your Nuby Little Squirts.

Assorted Characters for Variety: 🌈 Keep bath time exciting with the Nuby Little Squirts 10-pack, featuring an assortment of characters. Please note that the color and print are subject to change, ensuring your baby experiences a variety of aquatic friends.

Encourage Imaginative Play: 🚀 Immerse your little one in imaginative play as each character squirts and blows bubbles beneath the water. This not only creates a world of aquatic adventures but also stimulates creativity during bathtime.

BPA-Free and Safe: 🌿 Trust Nuby for the safety of your baby. The Little Squirts are BPA-free, ensuring that your little one enjoys bathtime with characters made from non-toxic materials, providing a worry-free experience for parents.

Q: Are the Nuby Little Squirts safe for my baby? A: Absolutely! Nuby prioritizes safety. Little Squirts are made from soft, BPA-free rubber that is safe for infants aged 6 months and above. They undergo rigorous safety checks to ensure your baby’s well-being.

Q: Can these toys be used for educational purposes? A: Yes! Nuby Little Squirts serve as both entertaining and educational tools. They enhance hand-eye coordination through squeezing, and the assortment of characters introduces early concepts of variety and diversity to your baby.

Feature Specification
Material Soft rubber, BPA-free
Age Suitability 6 Months +
Characters 10 assorted characters (alligator, crab, shark, duck, fish, octopus, penguin, dolphin, starfish, turtle)
Educational Benefits Enhances hand-eye coordination, introduces early concepts of variety
Easy Maintenance Allow toys to air dry before storage to prevent algae growth
Safety Assurance BPA-free, soft rubber, undergoes safety checks
Assorted Colors Color and print are subject to change for variety
Multifunctional Play Squirts water, floats, encourages imaginative play


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