Double Outlet Plug Cover – Ultimate Child Safety with Secure Fit, Beveled Edges, and Clear Design for Standard, Decora & GFCI Outlets, 6-Pack, White


StayPut Double Outlet Plug Cover has been a lifesaver in childproofing my home. The clear design seamlessly blends with the outlet cover, remaining unnoticed by curious little eyes.

What sets this plug cover apart is its Secure StayPut Fit; the tight fit and beveled edges make it nearly impossible for small fingers to grip and remove. I can now rest easy, knowing that it effectively prevents electrical shock and burns by denying access to the outlet.

The versatility to fit Standard, Decora & GFCI Outlets makes it a one-stop solution for all my electrical safety needs. For unused outlets, the patented design of Qdos keeps them secure, eliminating the risk of accidents. Trust me, this is a must-have for every parent!

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The Qdos StayPut Double Outlet Plug Cover is the ultimate solution for ensuring child safety around electrical outlets. Its clear design goes unnoticed by children, providing a secure fit that prevents small fingers from removing it.

Use it confidently with Standard, Decora & GFCI Outlets, covering both outlets with one plug. The beveled edges and tight fit make it a reliable choice, eliminating the risk of electrical shock and burns.

For outlets that are seldom used, the patented design keeps them secure, ensuring a hazard-free environment. Whether you have a crawling baby or an adventurous toddler, this plug cover is your go-to for peace of mind and a safe home.

Secure StayPut Fit for Maximum Safety: The Qdos StayPut Double Outlet Plug Cover sets itself apart with a Secure StayPut Fit. Unlike other plugs on the market, it boasts a tight fit and beveled edges, making it incredibly difficult for small fingers to grasp and remove. 🤚🚫

Clear Design for Unnoticed Safety: The clear design of this plug cover ensures that it blends seamlessly with the outlet cover, going unnoticed by children. Its discreet appearance doesn’t attract attention, providing a safety measure that works without disrupting the aesthetics of your home. 🏡👶

Prevents Electrical Shock and Burns: The primary function of this plug cover is to prevent electrical shock and burns. By denying children access to the outlet, it eliminates the risk of them placing objects into it. Ensure a safe environment for your little ones with Qdos StayPut. ⚡🚸

Fits Standard, Decora & GFCI Outlets: Versatility is key, and the Qdos StayPut Double Outlet Plug Cover delivers. It fits Standard, Decora & GFCI Outlets, making it a universal solution for your electrical safety needs. One plug covers both outlets efficiently. 🔄🔌

Patented Design for Unused Outlets: Did you know that over 50% of outlets are never used? Qdos StayPut’s patented design addresses this by keeping unused outlets secure. Say goodbye to the hazard of electrical shock or burn accidents by covering those seldom-used outlets. 🚫🔥

Easy Installation and Convenience: Installing the Qdos StayPut Double Outlet Plug Cover is a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of a childproof home without the hassle. A simple yet effective solution for busy parents who prioritize their child’s safety. 🌬️🔧

Reliable Set of 6 for Complete Coverage: The pack includes six plug covers, providing complete coverage for multiple outlets in your home. Whether you have a spacious living room or multiple bedrooms, ensure every outlet is childproofed with the reliable set from Qdos StayPut. 6️⃣🏠

Durable Construction for Long-Term Safety: The Qdos StayPut Double Outlet Plug Cover is built to last. The durable construction ensures long-term safety, giving you peace of mind as your child grows and explores their surroundings. Invest in a reliable solution for lasting protection. 🛡️👣

Feature Details
Secure StayPut Fit Tight Fit and Beveled Edges for Maximum Safety
Clear Design Blends Seamlessly with Outlet Cover, Goes Unnoticed by Children
Prevents Electrical Hazards Denies Access to Outlets, Eliminating the Risk of Shock and Burns
Fits Standard, Decora & GFCI Universal Fit for Versatile Use
Patented Design for Unused Outlets Keeps Unused Outlets Secure, Eliminating Hazards


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