Saves Leaking Breast Milk and Protects Sore Nipples


Milk-Saver On-The-Go Breast Shells – Saves Leaking Breast Milk and Protects Sore Nipples

  • USE IT WITH THE TRADITIONAL MILK SAVER: The proper companion to the standard Milkies Milk Saver: Use the Milkies Milk Saver whereas breastfeeding and Milkies On-the-Go whilst you’re out and about.
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  • COLLECT AND PROTECT: Milk-Saver On-The-Go Breast Shells Comfortably Gather Valuable Breastmilk and Defend Your Sore Nipples Whereas You Are Out and About
  • INCLUDES TWO REUSEABLE, WASHABLE BREASTMILK COLLECTION CUPS – In contrast to Different Breast Shells, Milkies is Made in the usA.
  • HOLDS MORE MILK THAN OTHER BREAST SHELL PRODUCTS Due To Its Distinctive Rectangular Form and Greater Nipple Gap Placement
  • EASY POUR SPOUT Allows Spill-Free Switch of Milk to A Storage Bag, Bottle, or the Milkies Milk Trays Plus Made With out Silicone So Simple to Wash and Will not Tackle Unhealthy Smells


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