Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers – 2 Minute Installation, 16-Pack Baby Safety Corner Protectors for Furniture


The 2-minute installation is a game-changer, providing instant peace of mind.

These clear and transparent protectors seamlessly blend with my furniture, ensuring my child’s safety without compromising the original look. It’s a must-have for every parent who values both safety and aesthetics.

Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers are the perfect solution for creating a safe environment for your little ones. With a quick 2-minute installation, you can secure your house effortlessly.

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These clear and transparent protectors provide optimal safety for your children, blending seamlessly with your furniture to maintain its original feel and look. Use them on tables, cabinets, and other furniture pieces to ensure a hazard-free home for your precious little ones.

Effortless 2-Minute Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installations! Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers offer a quick and user-friendly 2-minute installation. With all the necessary pieces, including extra hold adhesives pre-applied at the factory, the process is as simple as removing the protective layer and sticking them on. Enjoy instant peace of mind without the hassle. 🕑

Clear, Transparent, and Seamless Design: These clear and transparent edge bumpers are designed to be discreet yet effective. Once applied, they seamlessly blend with your furniture, making them practically invisible. Maintain the original look and feel of your furniture while ensuring the safety of your little ones. 🌈

Forever at Peace with Guaranteed Protection: Never worry about your child’s safety again! Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers provide unmatched protection, giving you the assurance that your precious ones are safe from serious harm. Tested and guaranteed, these guards let you live at peace knowing your child is in a secure environment. ☮️

First & Foremost Safety for Babies and Kids: Prioritize your child’s safety with the best-selling Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers. These premium guards offer three times more hold and cushion than other options in the market. Trusted by millions of American parents, Skyla Homes is the top choice for a hazard-free home for your little ones. 🏠

Premium Quality for Ultimate Protection: Skyla Homes doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. The clear edge bumpers are crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting protection. Trust in the superior quality that has made Skyla Homes a leader in baby safety products.

Versatile Usage for Every Furniture Piece: Whether it’s tables, cabinets, or other furniture, these edge bumpers are versatile and suitable for all. Create a safe living space by applying them to any sharp corner or edge that poses a risk to your child. Ensure a hazard-free environment throughout your home. 🚼

Extra Hold Adhesives for Added Security: Skyla Homes goes the extra mile by including extra hold adhesives pre-applied at the factory. This ensures a secure and long-lasting attachment, providing an additional layer of safety. Feel confident that these edge bumpers will stay in place, offering continuous protection.

Child-Proof Rubber Cabinet Cushion Cover: Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers not only protect corners but also serve as child-proof rubber cabinet cushion covers. The cushioning effect minimizes the impact of accidental bumps, making these bumpers an all-in-one solution for keeping your child safe around furniture.

Feature Description
Installation Time 2 minutes
Quantity 16-Pack
Material Clear and transparent
Hold and Cushion Three times more than market standards
Design Seamless and discreet
Adhesive Extra hold adhesives pre-applied at the factory
Versatility Suitable for tables, cabinets, and various furniture pieces
Child-Proof Features Child-proof rubber cabinet cushion cover


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