Mold-Free Bath Toys: Dive into Learning with Animal Friends for Safe Splash Adventures


Transform bath time into a wild and educational adventure with SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys. Designed with an airtight, hole-less structure, these BPA-free toys ensure safety and joy for your toddler.

Perfect for bath, beach, or pool, these toys not only entertain but also contribute to learning animal types and sounds, letters, and colors. Gift the magic of safe and educational play with SplashEZ—the key to endless happy memories.

Mold-Free Bath Toys stand out with their innovative design. The hole-less structure ensures no water seeps in, keeping the toys dry, odor-free, and mold-free after every bath.

This unique feature enhances the durability and safety of the toys, making them a reliable companion for your toddler’s water playtime.

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Safe and Mold-Free Fun: 🚿 Dive into joyous bath times with SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys! The BPA-free, airtight design prevents water from seeping in, ensuring a safe and mold-free play experience for your toddler. Keep the fun going without worries about odor or slime.

Educational Playtime: 🌈 Elevate playtime to a learning experience! SplashEZ’s Alphabet Buddies introduce your toddler to animal friends like Tony Tiger, Leo Lion, Quentin Quail, Freddy Frog, and Uma Unicorn. Make a splash while teaching letters, colors, and animal types!

Versatile Water Play: 🏖️ Whether at the beach, in the pool, or during bath time, SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys are the perfect companions. Their versatile design caters to various water play settings, making them an essential addition to your toddler’s water adventures.

Gift of Happy Memories: 🎁 Searching for the ideal gift for a young family or a little swimmer? Look no further! Delight them with the joy of SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys, ensuring years of happy memories and safe water play for their little ones.

Durability and Quality: 💪 As an American company with American standards, SplashEZ prioritizes the safety and quality of their products. The innovative design of these bath toys reflects their commitment to providing durable, high-quality toys for your child.

Easy Maintenance: 🧼 After the water play is over, simply toss the SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. Their low-maintenance design ensures that they are ready for the next adventure with minimal effort.

Interactive Learning: 📚 With SplashEZ, playtime becomes a learning experience. The animal friends not only entertain but also teach important concepts like animal sounds, letters, and colors, fostering an interactive and educational environment for your toddler.

Engage All Senses: 👀👂 Let your toddler engage all their senses during water play. The vibrant colors, cute animal shapes, and educational elements of SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys stimulate sight, touch, and hearing, contributing to holistic sensory development.

Q: How do SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys prevent mold growth? A: The innovative, hole-less design of SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys ensures an airtight structure, preventing water from seeping in. This feature, coupled with the dishwasher-safe quality, keeps the toys dry and mold-free after each use.

Q: Can these toys be used in different water settings? A: Absolutely! SplashEZ Mold-Free Bath Toys are versatile and suitable for various water play settings, including the bath, beach, and pool. Their durable design makes them perfect companions for any water adventure.

Feature Specification
Material BPA-free
Design Airtight, hole-less design for mold prevention
Educational Elements 5 animal friends for learning animal types, sounds, letters, colors
Versatility Suitable for bath, beach, and pool play
Cleaning Dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance
Durability Built for lasting performance with a focus on safety
Age Suitability Recommended for infants 1M+ and toddlers


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