Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate: Ideal for Wider Areas and Stairways – Matte Bronze Finish, Hardware Mounted


Toddleroo Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate is a game-changer for home safety. Its hardware-mounted design ensures a secure barrier, making it perfect for large openings and stairways.

The absence of a threshold eliminates the risk of tripping, and the carefully spaced bars provide an additional layer of safety. The matte bronze finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also speaks to the gate’s durability.

One-handed operation makes life easier for busy parents, and the gate’s ability to swing closed and lock with a gentle push is a convenience we appreciate daily.

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Its unidirectional swing prevents dangers of swinging over stairs, and when not needed, the gate can be easily removed and stored. Trust in the Toddleroo brand for worry-free safety!

Toddleroo Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate is the ultimate safety solution for homes with wide openings and stairways. Its hardware-mounted design provides a secure and robust barrier, eliminating the risk of tripping with a seamless transition.

The matte bronze finish not only adds a stylish touch to your home decor but also signifies the gate’s durability. This gate is designed for convenience, featuring one-handed operation for busy parents.

The unidirectional swing ensures that the gate won’t swing over stairs, prioritizing safety. When not in use, the gate can be effortlessly removed and stored.

Whether you have a curious toddler or need to secure a wider area, trust in the Toddleroo Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate for worry-free safety and peace of mind.

🚀 Worry-Free Safety: Trust Toddleroo to keep your family safe with the Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate. Its hardware-mounted construction ensures a secure barrier, providing worry-free safety for large openings and stairways.

🏡 Perfect Fit for Your Home: Ideal for wider areas and stairways, this gate is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home. The matte bronze finish adds a stylish touch that complements any decor while ensuring long-lasting durability.

🌈 No More Tripping Hazards: Say goodbye to tripping hazards! With no threshold, the Toddleroo Baby Gate eliminates the risk of accidents, offering a smooth and secure transition between spaces in your home.

🛠️ Durable and Dependable: Built from child-strong heavy-duty steel with carefully spaced vertical bars, this gate is a dependable choice. Its robust construction ensures durability while making it difficult for little ones to climb.

🤲 Convenient One-Handed Operation: Busy parents rejoice! The Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate is equipped with one-handed operation, making it a breeze to navigate while holding your little one or carrying items through the gate.

🔄 Unidirectional Swing: Safety first! The gate’s unidirectional swing prevents the risk of swinging over stairs, adding an extra layer of protection for your child. Feel confident knowing that your home is secure.

🌟 Easy Removal and Storage: When the gate is not needed, it can be effortlessly removed and stored. This feature adds to the gate’s versatility, allowing you to maintain a secure environment when necessary and open spaces when desired.

🤝 Trusted Toddleroo Brand: The Easy Swing, Lock Baby Gate is a new name with the same great Toddleroo brand you trust. Invest in a brand that prioritizes fear-free safety, ensuring a secure and reliable solution for your family.

Feature Specification
Mounting Type Hardware-mounted
Finish Matte Bronze
Width Range Fits openings 28.68″ – 47.85″ wide
Height 31 inches
Construction Material Child-strong heavy-duty steel with vertical bars
Operation One-handed operation
Swing Direction Unidirectional for stair safety


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