Child Hair Clippers Package: Quiet, Waterproof, and Easy Haircuts for Kids


Child Hair Clippers Package, the perfect companion for stress-free haircuts for your toddler or child. This kit is designed to make the hair-cutting experience both enjoyable and easy for both parents and kids. The LUSN child hair clippers feature a new ultra-quiet 2.0 motor, with a sound level of less than 50db. This quiet motor, combined with shock absorption structures, ensures that your child can relax and won’t be afraid of haircuts anymore. It makes the whole process not only safer but also hassle-free.

One of the standout features of the LUSN child hair trimmer is its waterproof design at an IPX-7 level. Say goodbye to the worry of cleaning the hair clipper or dealing with wet hair.

After the haircut, you can simply wash the clipper in water, making cleanup a breeze. The IPX-7 waterproofing adds an extra layer of convenience, especially when dealing with children.

The LUSN child hair clippers have an impressive battery life, capable of running for more than 60 minutes when fully charged. To ensure uninterrupted haircuts, the kit includes a USB cable. If the battery runs low during use, just plug it in and continue. This user-friendly feature is all about saving time and ensuring a smooth experience for both parents and kids.

🤫 Ultra-Quiet Operation: The 2.0 quiet motor ensures your child won’t be scared by the sound, making haircuts a breeze.

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🌊 Waterproof Design: The IPX-7 waterproof rating allows you to easily clean the clipper and cut wet hair without worries.

Extended Battery Life: With over 60 minutes of runtime on a full charge, you won’t have to keep your child waiting.

📐 Adjustable Combs: Three guide combs (0mm, 3-6mm, and 12mm) provide options for different styles and lengths.

🧼 Easy Cleanup: The kit includes a cleaning brush, sponge, and Lubricant oil to maintain the clipper in top condition.

🌈 Complete Kit: It comes with a child haircut cape, USB charging cable, user manual, and hairstyle models for added convenience.

Ensure your child’s haircut is a pleasant experience with the LUSN Child Hair Clippers Package. Say goodbye to the struggles and tears, and say hello to hassle-free haircuts.

Feature Description
Motor Type Ultra-quiet 2.0 motor with sound level less than 50db
Waterproof Level IPX-7, allowing the clipper to be cleaned in water
Battery Life More than 60 minutes of runtime on a full charge
Guide Combs Three guide combs (0mm, 3-6mm, and 12mm) for versatile styling options
Complete Kit Includes child haircut cape, cleaning brush, sponge, Lubricant oil, USB cable, and more
Child-Friendly Designed to make haircuts safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable for children and parents

Particular 28 tooth clipper head patent expertise and the design of R-shaped spherical nook, making certain security within the hair chopping, make it straightforward for fogeys to catch and lower children’ smooth hair with out pulling hair or scratching the pores and skin.


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